The ecological aspect of HDV

On a daily basis, we are all concerned about the preservation of our environment and the impact we can have on it. Selective sorting, recycling, permaculture, reducing water and electricity consumption are habits that are part of us, of our life. But there is one area that, without a minimum of research, most people ignore the destructive effects. It is an area, which is an integral part of our day-to-day life and which some do not know is one of the most polluting on Earth.

This area is that of clothing and ready-to-wear.

HDV makes every effort to respect the environment as much as possible and to maintain an eco-responsible environmental approach. This is why we have chosen cardboard packaging that promotes simple recycling, as well as recycled and recyclable paper as well as other biodegradable materials. We voluntarily do not send parcels in plastic bags, always with the same and unique goal, to preserve our Planet as much as possible!


“Help the planet with what you wear”