HDV Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Thomias R. – N °4

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UNISEX HDV Made in France Long Sleeve T-Shirt – 2020 LIMITED EDITION

Heart print “HDV – HYGIÈNE DE VIE / Thomias Radin”

Large format color board print N ° 1

“Honey pot” badge sewn on the left sleeve

100% Organic Cotton

GOTS certified

Comfortable fit



Thomas Radin’s paintings are collages of cultural references through which he explores questions of identity and epistemology. Elements of urban culture, juxtaposed with elements of modern European art, create a map of aesthetic values ​​that informed the artist’s practice. Borrowing from the musical technique of sampling, fragments of these memories and references are reappropriated.

The collaboration between HDV – Hygiène De Vie and Thomias Radin seems obvious in view of their common visions and values.

Additional information

Composition / Composition

100% Coton Bio / 100% Organic Cotton

Couleur / Color

Noir / Black

Taille / Size

S, M, L, XL, XXL